Well I had to let go and shake it off, turning the lap top off last night.

No amount of me trying to get on line was working so it was shut down the lap top and leave it at that.

It was the beginning of the weekend, the end of a work week, and me wanting ‘goodies’ and not getting it that had me get a hold of milk chocolate chips that I was going to use for baking cookies but instead ate them as if they were a chocolate bar.

Still in my window of eating.

Savored, remembered that I was eating them and not mindlessly shoving them down,  and I took my time instead of inhaling the bag.

I woke up this morning with every intention of throwing the rest away. I didn’t think I had much left but to my surprise I have enough to make the cookies that these chocolate chips were intended for.

I’m thankful that this journey of life is a marathon and not a sprint.

I’m thankful that each day brings new beginnings.

I’m thankful for the mental clarity and strength that is happening as I diligently work towards becoming healthier and whole…

Bit by bit, step by step….

blessings, angela






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