DAY 12 OF D.I.E.T.


I’ve been thinking about some of you today.

How you must be feeling about having to lose all this weight.

How daunting and overwhelming it can seem.

Your looking at how the heck can you do this, how long is it going to take and oh my gosh, will I even be able to do this?

I thought about all of this while I was working outside this afternoon.

I had left early from work today. Will do so tomorrow.

A much needed time to deal with life at home.

So as I was busy working in the garden, on the deck and inside my home I was beginning to get overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done.

Overwhelmed over the state of my affairs let’s say.

I about ready to go into a full blown panic attack when all of you came to my mind.

When we look at how far we have to go, some of us refuse to move.

Staying put, no matter how unhealthy everything is.

Some of  us make an attempt but give up because it is so difficult and overwhelming.

Others just don’t care and say it doesn’t bother them.

Then there are others, like us, where we are at a place where we KNOW enough is enough.

This is the time.

Whole and healthy.

Bit by bit, step by step…inch by inch, pound by pound.

blessings, angela






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