DAY 17 OF D.I.E.T.


What if we could transform the prevailing fear of obesity and its costs into optimism before the January 2017 diet season? What if the experts have overlooked this breakthrough because they don’t appreciate how quickly people can adapt to going without food for several hours, or because it’s a solution they can’t patent and monetize? Each overweight or obese person can determine for themselves whether it’s a breakthrough if they know about it

The results are in where over 300 people from the Fast-5 community, who have maintained the AC/Fast-5 lifestyle for up to ten years, completed the first AC/Fast-5 survey.

Read the rest here:

I can’t say it enough times, and I won’t stop saying it…


I’m living proof♥

Angela’s Story: Scales Don’t Determine Your Success

blessings, angela





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