DAY 19 OF D.I.E.T.


I’m going to be starting up my yard sales.

No, not me going to them. I’m hosting them♥

I’m gearing for this coming long weekend to kick it off.

“Let it go. Shake it off.”

I have so much that needs to get out of this house.

It’s ironic how I am on this journey of working on reaching my goal weight by the end of this year and I’m letting go of so much that I’m surrounded by.

What I am learning as I continue to on this journey of weight release is that I have used food to be my source of comfort, my joy, my strength, my peace, my love, my way of relaxing, distraction, used for avoiding other pressing matters,, pretty much everything but what it was intended for, to sustain me.

I love this statement from

“How you refer to the surplus fat – obesity, overweight, adipomegaly, overfat, fat or fluffy -doesn’t matter as long as you manage the root cause, the problem causing the condition.”

I’ve learned through gardening, if you don’t get to the root of the cause, the weeds will just keep coming.

I’m thankful for Appetite Correction getting to the root and getting me off the treadmill of diets.

blessings ,angela







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