DAY 20 OF D.I.E.T.


23 hours of fasting today.

Don’t know how short my window of eating will be.

I’m busy getting ready for hosting my yard sale weekend♥

I told a student today when we were talking about the yard sale, “it’s my make believe store”♥

My ’boutique’, my ‘shop’, my need to get rid of EVERYTHING♥

A staff from the College shared she collected ‘stuff’ too, and I got the stuff she likes.

Some things I’m not willing to part with.

She collects toys like I do♥

My toys are getting passed unto my grand baby Aria Jean Patricia when she comes to visit her Nana♥

As I get rid of all this ‘stuff’ and the struggle I have to get rid of it, it’s the same with the weight release.

It’s a struggle, but it’s a healthy struggle.

Building strength, muscle, discipline, self control, and perseverance to name just a few things♥

blessings, angela




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