DAY 22 OF D.I.E.T.


20 hour fast and still going strong.

Appetite Correction kicking in high gear!~

This is the weekend. Have used that as a trigger to eat.

I’m not working. Another trigger for me to use.

High stress. Shove another “bon bon” in the mouth trigger.

As my appetite is being corrected, I’m able to do more things that truly enrich my life.

I did end up having a yard sale today.

12 to 3♥

No one showed up till 3.

Made five dollars!~

Three boxes gone…NEVER coming back into this house♥

I’m going to be breaking my fast maybe at 22 to 24 hour fast with my son Asher, and his love Samantha!~

We are picking up fast food because that is how we roll♥ lol

Actually requests from the new daddy and mommy♥

I’m looking forward to eating a honking big salad from Wendy’s♥

I even did gardening today♥

blessings, angela





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