DAY 26 OF D.I.E.T.


I want to share a few powerful truths.

“Don’t expect AC to work in a day or even three or four! It will take as least three weeks of a lifestyle change to see an effect on your appetite. Trust your body a lot, trust me a little, and you may be surprised at how well your body can work.” Bert Herring MD

I’m in my third week with all of you that have been following along with me on Fast-5.

The last time I weighed, I was 6 pounds less.

My clothes are visibly looser.

I have more energy.

I’m at a place where I know I can have more to eat but I don’t want too.

That’s huge for me.

My appestat; the region of the hypothalamus of the brain that is believed to control a person’s appetite for food is getting an overhaul with some AC tools.

A selection of non-drug, non-surgical tools available to help push the appestat demons that have plagued me for so long and have my  appestat tuned correctly.

Dr. Bert Herring talks about our bodies being like a vehicle, and the important thing is not speeding through life…hmmmmmmmmm….I’ve just learned that♥

I’m thankful I’m getting though….

blessings, angela


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