DAY 27 OF D.I.E.T.

DSCF1408Let it

I’ve been on this journey with all of you for almost a month now.

My goodness gracious….lol

Let it go and shake it off.

Everything and anything that is hindering this process of wholeness and health.

Mind, body and spirit.

My tummy is hurting right now.

Not because I ate too much but because of what I ate.

As I’ve mentioned before pizza and chicken wings do not agree with me anymore.

Today the spaghetti and tomato meat sauce combination has caused my tummy distress.

Fresh tomatoes do not bother me.

Is it the meat and tomato combination? I’m not sure yet but I’m thankful for this Study of One of me and listening to my body and what it is telling me….

My body is wanting food that brings life for me, to sustain me, it is beginning not to crave the garbage, the processed, the in your face advertisements that trigger you to want to buy and eat.

blessings, angela



2 thoughts on “DAY 27 OF D.I.E.T.

  1. Hey Angela! I think it is so interesting when after fasting, our bodies begin to “reject” certain foods! I was actually thinking about this earlier in the week when I ate ice cream, my beloved ice cream, and noticed how much my stomach hurt afterward! This has happened the last few times so I think my body is trying to tell me something. I enjoy sharing in your enthusiasm and your journey!! Blessings to you!

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