DAY 28 OF D.I.E.T.

I can fly

“You do know I am the yard sale diva?”

My comment to someone who came to my yard sale and was bartering with me over the prices.

I won…lol♥ He still got a deal and he knows it.

As I unload all the  boxes of yard sale items at 6 a.m. unto the driveway and as I load much of it back 7 hours later into the house, I know some would  ask me if it was worth it,? Why bother putting so much effort and work into it?

I’ll be honest I think it myself but only for a few seconds.

Good hard work does pay off.

Being diligent and not giving up does pay off.

Being consistent has it’s rewards.

The same goes with intermittent fasting.

Fast 19 hours, 5 hours of eating window.

Good hard work paying off mind, body and spirit.

Being diligent (not looking for a quick fix diet but a life style).

Consistency reaps amazing benefits.

Not giving up, more determined then ever before.

It’s time to fly!~

blessings, angela



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