DAY 31 OF D.I.E.T.


Well it’s finished off. The Toolbook♥

One month has come and gone.

What changes have happened?

I lost 6 lbs. the last time I checked.

I KNOW I lost more but I don’t have a scale in the house and I really don’t care about weighing.

My clothes are bigger.

I look in the mirror and I see a difference.

People at work have commented that they noticed I’ve lost weight.

I’m a grandmother now.

I am no longer struggling on the weekends with wanting to eat all weekend long junk food.

I pretty much stick to my eating window and my healthy choices of food far out weigh my desire to want junk.

I have more energy.

Mental clarity is getting stronger each and every day.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, and obsessive compulsive behaviors have subsided.

I’m able to stay up later and be productive. That is a HUGE one for me.♥

This month has truly flown by.

I’ve posted every day.

Tomorrow is June 1st.

What am I going to talk about now?


blessings, angela





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