I wrote this in 1999.

I should look back in my journals of that year to see what was happening, especially when it came to my addiction to food.

I’ve been a faster for a long time.

Since a teenager.

I would do one to three day fasts when things had gotten way out of control with my eating.

Giving my body, my mind and spirit a break from gorging.

Back in 2008 during Lent, I fasted two meals a day for 40 days.

It was empowerment for me.

I didn’t even know there was a ‘name’ for this life style.

Intermittent fasting.

Not until another faster,  Paula  Slayton found Dr. Herring and the rest is history.

God and science working together.

Setting me free from the bondage, the chains, the shackles and slavery I had with food.

I will be forever grateful to Bert Herring for being a Doctor that has helped me like no other doctor has!~♥

I’m free♥

blessings, angela






2 thoughts on “EVEN GOD APPROVES

    • Hope all is well with you and yours♥ ((hugs)) I’m glad your back to blogging and connecting with so many amazing women through blogging…♥ Your touching a LOT of lives and blessings them greatly Denise♥


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