I find it difficult at times to read some of the posts that are shared at

There are some that I just can’t read because they cause me much heart ache.

I’ve been a ‘rescuer’ for as long as I can remember.

It has lead me into MANY co dependent relationships.

I’ve learned over a course of time to set healthy boundaries.

I have seen members come and seen them go.

I’ve wondered how some are doing that have left the Facebook  group, left the ‘tribe’?

If they are ok?

Did they find their peace with food and lost the weight that they so craved for?

I wrote this on my Face book page today:

“I know life is hard but it is still beautiful.

Life isn’t fair but God is and He is just!~

I cannot say it enough times and probably will say it a million more….

It’s OUR choices…bitter or better?”

Aren’t you done with diets?

Don’t you just want to live your life and embrace each day without the fear of how out of control your going to be with food?

I can only encourage you, I can’t rescue you.

Only appetite correction can and set you free♥

blessings, angela





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