“Many people who have adopted an AC eating schedule have reported a strong, new interest in decluttering the home and life”. pg 77♥



Third week in a row, this yard sale diva is having her own yard sale and getting rid of EVERYTHING…lol♥

Giggling away here…

4 years ago TLC channel approached me to do  a segment on My Crazy Obsession.

Obsessed with going to yard sales REALLY became obsession with collecting.

Over 150 different collections I had going. I stopped counting when I got to 150 because panic attack had set in and I realized then, ‘OH MY GOSH, this has become an obsession’…lol♥

Giggling again…

sigh sigh sigh

I giggled when I found this statement in the AC book. I laughed because it was true♥

I’m trusting the process of what appetite correction is doing in my life.

I just had a light bulb moment here warriors…’appetite correction’.

My appetite has not only been corrected but it is  hungering for a whole and healthier life style…,mind, body and spirit♥

blessings, angela






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