Starting tomorrow, June 7th and ending July 7th I’m encouraging all of you to go on a D.I.E.T. with me.

Did I enrich today?

Each day, come and visit to read how I’ve enriched my day and share how you have enriched your day♥

My prayer for this Spirit Edition is for us to trust the process.

To imagine yourself without the excess baggage you have been carrying around far too long.

To live a whole and healthier life.

To have hope that your dream will come to pass♥

You don’t need to journal to join in.

All you need is a heart that is willing to share on this journey of life♥

blessings, angela






8 thoughts on “STARTING TOMORROW….

    • I have that one too Phyllis, excited to use my new one. I have SO many journals, some dating back to the late 80’s. Honestly, this is a hard one for me to do but I’m doing it and grateful to have all this support♥


  1. Okay Angela. I love reading your stuff. I can relate to much of it. So I will follow your D.I.E.T. this month. How am I going to enrich today?

    I’m setting up a group today of ladies to go hiking tomorrow morning in the Lake Wisconsin area, then to a friends house for lunch. I will be fasting, so no food for me. But I will share my joy and peace that the Lord has blessed me with since I obediently followed His direction to me to start Fast 5 last year. It’ll be a great day. Hugs, Denise Favorite

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    • Denise Favorite you blessed my heart so much when I read your comment. I was realizing that ‘oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into?’ with this 31 days…wait to you see my title for the first D.I.E.T….you my beloved warrior are not only enriching your life, but those around you♥


      • Hi Angela!
        You have gotten yourself just where the Lord Jesus wants you. When we obey God’s leading it seems to always take us where we don’t want to go.

        But then we realize. “Hey! Wait a minute. If Jesus wants me to climb this mountain, then I’m going to enjoy the view. And carry On!”

        So carry on, my friend. We have an eternity to explore who God made us to be. And it will be good!

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    • Thank you Annette for joining in. I’m going to need the support. My D.I.E.T. is usually REALLY low..I noticed that from last month. I hardly ever ‘play’. I am living a mundane life and need to break out….This is making me courageous…♥


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