Day One…not happy.


Honestly, I started to giggle out loud when I wrote this title.

It hit me a few hours ago that  I have committed to share for the next 31 days how I enriched my life.

I thought..’oh my sweet Jesus, I suck at this’….D.I.E.T. was not the highest last month.

A few of the days in the space Did I enrich today?, I wrote, ‘don’t think I did’.

As for ‘Play’ goodness gracious, seriously it was usually 0….lol…

I’m laughing to myself out loud because I have SO much enriching I need to do♥


I did enrich today. Sat outside on the park bench and journaled during my lunch break.

Was asked to sit with a  few staff members from the College, and that was a blessing.

When I came to my blog and saw the comments that were left behind from yesterday’s post, I was greatly enriched. What a blessing. What an encouragement.

I replied to one of them with , “you my beloved warrior are not only enriching your life, but those around you♥”

That’s what my desire is on this journey.

To enrich my life and those around me.

It’s not that easy…but that’s ok…

I got my big girl panties on now♥


So what about you? How did you enrich today?

blessings, angela


8 thoughts on “Day One…not happy.

  1. Read a book and a half, enjoyed healthy meals accompanied by life-affirming music, hiked a trail, and am sitting watching a farmer mow hay and turn it into round bales. All under blue Kentucky skies!


    • OH MY GOSH…just that last statement of the farmer and the blue Kentucky skies enriched me Rebecca…((hugs)) Thank you for sharing. I’m so thankful to have you join me on this journey♥


  2. Started my day with time spent in the Word, journaling, and prayer. Ended it with my Bible study group…I can’t begin to express how much that group of people enriches my life. 🙂


    • It’s amazing how empowered you are when your linked arm in arm with spiritually like minded warriors….We are spurring one another on….♥Sharpening one another to fight the good fight of faith.


  3. Gave excess “stuff” to local charity shop thus decluttering my life (at least a start) and perhaps enriching someone else’s. Having less pounds and/or stuff feels freeing.


    • Keep at it Phylis♥ Your doing amazing♥ You should see one of the videos of me surrounded by my ‘stuff’ in the basement. You couldn’t even walk..and I’m bawling because of having to deal with all this ‘stuff’ and get rid of it…I’m going on my 4th yard sale (weather permitting) at my place selling off my collections. I keep telling people when they visit..’come next week, I’ll have even more different


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