DAY 2….happy.


Enrichment makes something more meaningful, substantial, or rewarding. Enrichment improves something.

Enrichment is improving our lives. Mind. Body. Spirit♥

I just finished reading yesterday’s comments that all of you have shared. Either at my blog, my Facebook page  or at .

As one of you stated: “I’m enriched from reading the comments”♥

A few of you have asked how can you become involved? Where do you comment? What do you share? Do you need the journal?

You become involved as soon as you comment. You have linked arm in arm, shield to shield♥

Leave a comment here at the blog, my Facebook page or if your a tribe member at Dr. Bert’s AC/Fast-5 Diet Group, comment on my post there.

I kept thinking about all of you today  as you are going about your day trying to figure out how you have enriched your day so you can tell the rest of us….lol…

I kept thinking…’what am I going to share?’

It doesn’t come that easily or quickly for me to think what was enriching?

I’m glad I have 29 more days to get stronger in getting the enrichment.

Getting it and keeping it♥

I enriched when I spent time with all of you that shared yesterday. As I read your comments, my heart was truly filled with such peace, joy and love♥

I enriched while working in my garden, getting my hands and finger nails dirty with dirt♥ Enjoyed watering my garden. As I looked at my vegetable garden I kept thinking how enriching this was. ♥

I enriched at work today by giving the best customer service I could to each person I served♥

I was enriched when two people commented to me today at work that I had enriched their lives♥

Enrichment improves every day living.

It makes every day living enriched!~

Rewarding. Meaningful. Substantial.

So do tell, bless my heart with how you enriched today♥

blessings, angela





4 thoughts on “DAY 2….happy.

  1. I enriched by going to my foot doctor today, and getting my cast off. the news was not good, my big toe has still not healed, but I did not get upset. I gave my doctor a huge hug, and thanked her for taking care of me.

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  2. I enriched today by hiking with 3 girlfriends at Lake Wisconsin. Then we went over to Beth’s for lunch. I was fasting so didn’t eat, just 2 cups of black coffee. I hardly ever share my Fast 5 story with anyone, but they have watched me lose a lot of weight and wanted to know. And so I took the plunge.

    And so I really shared my heart with them. Even cried a few tears while I was explaining this new freedom from my bondage to food. I believe the Lord Jesus directed me to Fast 5, and now with my tribe standing invisibly behind me, I gently told my story to these 3 lovely ladies. I can tell I gave them each something to think about, and they were very sweet and accepting of my journey. But it was hard! But I did it, and now I’m feeling blessed. Sometimes doing something enriching takes a lot of courage!

    Be blessed everyone. And thanks, Angela, for following hard after the Lord and the freedom He offers. I’m beginning to see that fasting 19 hours a day offers multidimensional benefits that I’m just beginning to explore.

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    • I got me some tears from reading your post Denise Favorite♥ Oh my goodness…I’m just in AWE of how Abba, God our Father is bringing us together like this..mighty warrior princess sisters, daughters of the most high God…I still have that note I wrote to Jesus in 2008. Fasting unto the Lord…Quite a few people know where I work that I’m a faster…Your right about it taking courage to enrich♥


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