“Sometimes doing something enriching takes a lot of courage!”

A sentence from a post someone left me on my blog from yesterday.

As one that has struggled with agoraphobia, getting out of the house takes lots of courage for me.

It has enriched my life doing so, and it has enriched others.

I left the house today to go to work and provide excellent customer service to the students and staff at Niagara College.

I was enriched by it and I know I enriched them♥

Today is my youngest son’s love Samantha, Aria’s mommy, birthday♥

She’s home from Ronald McDonald for a few days , but will head back up to spend time with Aria at McMaster’s Children’s Hospital where she is getting stronger day by day to be able to come home♥

I was able to sing happy birthday to Samantha on the phone early in the morning on my 1st break  at work♥ It enriched me, blessed my heart and I know it enriched Samantha for her birthday.

In the midst of all the struggles, the trials, tribulations, storms and chaos our lives can experience, we forget we can STILL live an enriched life.

It just takes a little courage…♥

blessings, angela




4 thoughts on “DAY 3….COURAGEOUS

  1. Thanks Angela for posting again this evening. Life is full of challenges and heartaches, not to mention our brokenness, but you and I know that miraculously God is still good, all the time.

    I’m ushering at a ballpark this summer, and so tonight I’ve been the best usher I know how to be. Smiled and wished everyone an enjoyable evening at the ballgame. The evening just flew. And I haven’t over eaten in my window now for 2 days! That’s big for me. Blessings and sweet dreams, Denise 💚

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  2. Smiling not only enriches our lives Denise but those that catch the glimpse of our smiles…There is not a day that does not go by at work that someone comments to me about my smile. I let them know, it’s a choice. Do they want to be served by a miserable person or one that has a smile and sends them of with their coffee smiling too?♥


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