DAY 4…struggling.


Struggling isn’t a bad thing.

It builds strength.



That is just a touch of what struggling can produce.

How have I enriched this day?

Being in the fasting state enriched my day so I could have the energy and mental clarity to keep up with the face pace atmosphere at work plus dealing with some high stress relationships and health issues.

I enriched by preparing for another yard sale tomorrow at my place.

Set up the tables outside and brought down all the boxes that are filled with ‘stuff to sell and put it on my dining room table. Close to the front door for tomorrow’.

Went around the house and gathered more ‘stuff’ to sell at the yard sale.

I enriched today by listening to Nicole’s weight loss story.

Watch the video and be enriched♥

Nicole talks about the weight of the weight

It wasn’t a ‘perfect’ day, it really wasn’t a great day but I purposely looked on ways of enrichment that there for me.

That’s a good thing♥

blessings, angela



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