DAY FIVE…enriched.


Well I’m all packed up and everything is put away.

Amazing work out doing that…HOOT HOOT

10 boxes packed, loaded and carried back into the house to store for next week’s yard sale♥

The day has turned out absolutely glorious. The forecast of rain and thunder storms did not stay Hallelujah!~

I literally saw it leave and the sun burst open♥


Fantastic turn out.

Met new ‘friends’ who will be coming back again, had quite a few ‘regulars’ stop by to visit and to buy♥

One gentleman, I told him..’one of these days, I’m going to have exactly what your looking for’,lol.

All I have is ‘girl stuff’ and he needs ‘guy stuff’..♥ He’s shown up each week♥

Made more money, got rid of a whole lot more stuff and had some amazing heart to heart with some that came by…Enriched morning for sure♥

Now for the afternoon♥

I’m learning to look at stress in a different way so that it isn’t all about the negative.

Here’s an article I found that may enrich you also as it did me.

blessings, angela


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