DAY 6….depression


Just got back indoors from sitting out on the deck with my daughter.

This picture of her and I was taken on a school trip many moons ago.

I’ve had an enriching time out on the deck with her, her ‘love’ Blaine and her friend Tori.

I guess I enriched them too with some of my ‘liners’ I was coming up with.

I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life.

Had it even before I knew what it was called.

Like any illness or disease, you do what needs to be done to live your life.

Today I went for a nap when I came home from church.

I had listened to my mind, body and spirit letting me know I needed rest.

I was enriched.

It enabled me to later work in the garden, do some errands, spend time with my daughter, her boyfriend and friend, do some posting on Face book and get this blog post up and running♥

Appetite correction has enabled me to have the mental clarity to work through the depression in a whole and healthier manner.

It definitely has enriched my life.

blessings, angela






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