DAY 7….determined.


I just finished closing my window of eating.

I’ve decided that since I am not living maintaining weight loss but in NEED of losing weight, I’m keeping my window of eating very minuscule…

It’s party like a rock star for one hour window of eating♥

lol…giggling away here out loud folks♥

All I keep thinking is, I can STILL pack a LOT of food in one hour but I will no longer do that because that is just plain unhealthy!~

So not enriching!~

I have to share that my time with all of you as we leave comments back and forth, it enriches me, make me burst out in laughter, get some tears and just feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside♥

I’m so grateful to have you join me these 31 days of enrichment.

This fasting journey….♥

blessings, angela




5 thoughts on “DAY 7….determined.

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how your mini-window works for you. I’m still keeping mine at 5 hours and am mostly satisfied with the slow and steady weight loss. I’d try a shorter window if it resulted in a speedier loss.

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    • Right now I NEED this short window Phyllis. I’ve been living this life style for 8 years. I’ve lost 130 lbs…I need to lose the last and seriously, five hours of window is perfect but I find to help me with the struggle with food addiction, keeping it short right now will help. LOTS of stress in my life right now and when I start to eat, old habits try to kick in…I’m kicking it out once and for all. I am DETERMINED♥


  2. I also have a food addiction. Learned it very very early in life. Fasting is the only good way I have found that works for me. Actually I believe the Lord Jesus sent this F5 protocol my way for that very reason.

    I’m very busy these days, but it is an enriching time. I have 3 adult daughters so you know that at least 1 of them is in a crisis. My oldest is in a bad relationship, and needs to get out, but I’m handling myself pretty well. (I’m not trying to fix everybody!) Fasting is helping me walk in The Light! Blessings, Denise 💚

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    • I too have three adult children, SO I know where your coming from…Actually I went through what your going through now with my own eldest…Hallelujah for faith, for trust, for hope, and learning to let go and trust the process….’fix everybody’…I hear ya…God help me♥


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