DAY 8….calling you all out!


Where are you, where are you?

Have you forgotten when you said you were in?

It’s AWESOME to see those of you coming each day to share your enrichment.

I know some of you are on vacation and that is enrichment enough. I know you will get back to us and share the wonderful enriching times that were had.

I’m calling those of you that I haven’t seen but said you were joining in.

What’s up?

Don’t let any fear, or whatever you dealing with stop you from sharing how you enriched your day.

Honestly, I don’t want to do this for the next, till we get to July 7th.

It takes a lot out of me emotionally, physically ,mentally and spiritually.

This makes me work hard.

This does not come easily.

It’s healthy though. It’s needed and I have committed.

Doing the right thing is harder at times than doing the opposite.

My enrichment today is dealing with some hard issues that need attention.

I was busy raking the back yard before coming in here to post, and the rake was bothering my left hand, by the thumb and index finger. I kept looking down to see if I had a splinter but there was nothing.

I continue to rake, and again the pain started up and when I looked down, there was blood.

It made me realize something.

Sometimes we don’t realize how bad things are until you have no choice but to deal with it.

Dealing with circumstances that are extremely high stress can cause me to FEAR.

Forget everything and run.

Forget to focus on all the good, on the knowledge that I can do this. I’ve got this.

FEAR. Facing everything and rising. Rising to the occasion and meeting it head on.

That’s what I’m dealing with.

Day in and day out.

I’m reminding myself I’m being enriched.

blessings, angela





4 thoughts on “DAY 8….calling you all out!

  1. My enrichment is also my greatest stress at this time and perhaps often. We are building a house that was originally slated to be done on 6-8, but winter weather and other delays have pushed back our occupancy to August. We visited the construction site yesterday and it’s enriching to see the work being done so well, and it also stresses me to not be living there yet and to be spending another summer in a place I don’t really want to be.

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    • Funny how this stress goes eh Phyllis?….I keep reminding myself, and others….’breathe, breathe’…Breathe in and breath out. Sometimes during these stress times, we are barely breathing,,,it’s like we are holding our breathes….watch your breathing….♥ Praying for this build and praying for this time of transition…that you will gain much wisdom, empowerment and knowledge to see you through….♥


      • Thank you Angela for taking your precious time to pray for and support me. It helps to go through anything knowing you’re not alone.

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