DAY 10…denial

My Crown

10 days sharing how I enriched my day.

10 days sharing enrichment with one another.

It’s done our hearts good hasn’t it?

Mind. Body. Spirit.

When our mind is affected, it goes to the body and it goes to the spirit.

As one who has lived in a state of denial far too long, it is wonderful having mental clarity to see things as they are and begin moving forward.

Not only has appetite correction fixed my appestat (the region of the hypothalamus of the brain that is believed to control a person’s appetite for food)  but it has broken me free from denial in many areas of my life that were in NEED of correcting♥

There will be days when we will ‘feel’ inadequate, unloved and unworthy.

Just like the scale does not determine our success or our failure, we need not allow our feelings to wipe out the truth about ourselves.

We are loved by the God of the cosmos♥

Our lives were created to be enriched:Enrichment makes something more meaningful, substantial, or rewarding.

I’m learning through this process of sharing that this morning when I woke up breathing, I was enriched.

Oh how enriched we truly are….

blessings, angela




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