DAY 11…


Do I trust this as a sustainable life style?

Do I believe that this works and will continue to work for me down the road?

4 years ago at this very time I was just a few pounds to goal body.

A physical injury, job loss and job change with working steady midnight’s, going through menopause, kicking a 35 year smoking habit and because of working midnight’s, thyroid problems started up where I gained 30 lbs, in a very short matter of time.

I look back now and see many things.

I lost footing. I stumbled. I sabotaged my success.

I refused to trust the process.

Here I am  4 years later and what’s different?

I trust the process.

I may not be a few pounds to goal body but I’m 22 pounds closer.

Weighed myself today…a total of 8 pounds released since Mother’s Day♥

I’m determined to reach goal.

I’m trusting the process.

I’m enveloping myself with enrichment, each and every day.

blessings, angela





4 thoughts on “DAY 11…

  1. Hi Angela,
    I haven’t been on social media all week. Life just happens. But you are a member of my tribe and I love you. And I believe with my whole heart that we will be together for eternity. My life right now often does not allow me to eat during my preferred window. That is 5 to 10 p.m. So tonight I ate my Fast5mega–meal after my shift at the ball park. But this is just temporary.

    Life never-ever stays the same. But I’m totally committed to Fast5. (Maybe we only get one meal a day in heaven. One perfectly presented meal that leaves us content and happy until Heaven outdoes itself the next day. What do you think?)

    Anyway, thanks for all your amazing posts. I DO realize how much courage it takes to set yourself out there. I so appreciate it. Your forever-sister-in-Christ, Denise

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