DAY 12….flow


So much is changing.

I look out the window and I no longer have a tree on the boulevard.

The City cut it down, plus all the other Ash trees on our street and the surrounding area.

All filled with a disease that has destroyed all of them in our town, not sure if it is surrounding areas also.

Just Googled…it’s been going on for the last 15 years, hitting the United States also.


Some bad. Some good.

Sometimes you have to go through the bad to see how wonderful good is.

I’m learning to go with the flow of change.

Why fear something that is inevitable?

I am meeting it head on.

I’m stepping up to the plate…just thought about it..plate=food,lol. You know what I meant though I hope.

I’m up for the challenge of enriching my life each and every day.

I am changing things that needed to be changed.

Enriching my life by dealing with some areas that were filled with toxins and disease.

My mind set when it came to food had been filled with toxins and disease.

Appetite correction has definitely helped me  be released from that mind set.

Which enables me to experience a more enriched life♥

blessings, angela






2 thoughts on “DAY 12….flow

  1. As usual Angela you are so right about AC correcting the mind. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and I’d arranged a small party for him at a restaurant. In the spirit of celebration I had a margarita, once my drink of choice, and the sweetness was so overwhelming I couldn’t finish it. I’ve spent years thinking of sweets of any sort (from alcohol, brownies and cake to zabaglione) as treats, and now my body, and even my mind, recognizes them as just the opposite–as fat makers and eventual killers, at least for me.

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