DAY 13…..tired


I’ve got attitude and I’m in one of my moods.

I’m tired. I don’t want to post. I don’t want to do anything.

I will be going to bed soon, I am posting and I’m taking a quick break here to go pour myself a cup of tea♥

Ok, I’m back.

Since weighing myself the other day I’ve been, as far as I’m concerned, out of control and sabotaging my success.

I broke my fast 5 hours EARLIER than normal today.

I haven’t done that in ages.

I broke it with gummy candy.

I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite and I’m struggling with that.

This has been a HUGE teachable moment for me.

An enriching moment.

I even had a dream last night about the scale, and Gin was in the dream. Asking me why was I going back on that scale?

I am determined to not get on a scale until December, my first goal body challenge I have set for myself.

Ok….that’s it from me tonight….









2 thoughts on “DAY 13…..tired

  1. Sleep well my sister in Christ. Tomorrow brings a fresh start. It was very hot here today 95 degrees at our house. Went to the air conditioned theatre to see Me Before You, nice weepy chick flick, and I broke my fast with movie popcorn. That is such a bad habit and it doesn’t even taste as great as it used to: it truly is just a habit that I need to break. Not easy.

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    • Movies, popcorn, yepper, a habit that is not easy to break but that’s ok…we are mighty warriors..we will get there….Good sleep, up early…want to enjoy my last day of ‘vacation’ to the fullest.


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