DAY 16….blessed


For the last few hours I’ve been trying to figure out what the title was going to be for today’s enrichment.

At one point I asked God if I could use the swear word…lol.

It has been a physically demanding day today.

One of those days where I questioned if I was even going to make it to 6 pm. before going to bed….lol

Here it is 7:12 pm.

I’m sitting here getting a blog post up, a load of laundry has been started and I wonder if I will make it till 9 pm. tonight before I crash?

I kept thinking earlier this evening how had I enriched today?

Did I even enrich? Didn’t ‘feel’ like I did.

I showered. That’s enriching.

I kept to my one hour eating window. That’s enriching me.

I’m going to do some colouring tonight in my big girl colouring book♥ That’s enriching.

I listened to an awesome video from a warrior princess sister, daughter of the most high God. That enriched me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically♥

Knowing that I was accountable to all of you enriched me to persevere.

I’m so enriched in the knowledge that I am truly in a healthy tribe.

Surrounded by others who are on the same journey of wholeness and health.

Bit by bit, step by step, inch by inch, pound by pound…..

blessings, angela







2 thoughts on “DAY 16….blessed

  1. There are always blessings, always enrichments if we’re just willing to look for them and take pleasure in every small thing. Big things are great but rare. It’s noticing the little things every day that truly bring joy to you and others. You’re doing a great job finding those things.

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    • Thank you Phyllis. I’m working really hard at it…I got me a grand baby that needs a Nana that will see the good in all things and build her up to be all she can be and desires to do….♥


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