DAY 19….consistency


I’ve just had my 7th yard sale of the season.

Instead of me going yard saling to get ‘stuff’ to add to my collections, I’m having yard sales and getting rid of my ‘stuff’, my collections.

Anyone who has put on yard and garage sales know it is NOT any easy thing to do, and it’s hard work.

Lots of lugging back and forth your ‘stuff’, pricing, organizing, advertising and once it’s on, working with the public who walk in your space and see what stuff you and have and how much your asking.

I love the interaction with the people. The heart to heart. The sharing of our stories, the study of one.

I heard from the one that her son had leukemia when he was younger, survived and now dealing with his kidneys because the he chemo that he had when he was younger has damaged his kidneys.

One lady shared with me today she lost 40 lbs. counting calories and she has 35 more to go to reach her goal body. I was able to share a bit of my story, losing over 130 lbs.  I told her she was beautiful and to keep going on this journey of wholeness and health.

Each week, I’ve been enriched by decluttering my house, finding ‘good homes’ for my collections and treasures. I can’t tell you now many times I’ve said to someone these past few weeks..”Oh, I’m so glad this is going to a good home”…lol♥

It’s the weekend and that in itself is a struggle for me to indulge like the commercials all tell me  through the advertisements.

I’m thankful for Appetite Correction and the lessons I’m learning through that…


It may not have been the greatest fasting and opening window day, but it definitely has been an enriched day….

This life style doesn’t promote perfection, it promotes consistency.

Mess up? Just pick yourself up, shake the crumbs off of ya, and start again.

That is being consistent. Not giving up even when you have failed.

blessings, angela



2 thoughts on “DAY 19….consistency

  1. I love your wisdom Angela. Our older daughter is visiting us (she only gets here twice a year) and we’re all having a wonderful time. I’m not keeping to my 19 hour window due to social pressure of wanting to eat with family. The beauty of Fast-5, is tomorrow I’ll be back on schedule and don’t feel that I’ve cheated and might as well give up. It’s a lifestyle that allows me to have a life.

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    • amen amen amen, you got it Phyliss…it’s a life style…right now, at this moment, it’s time spent with family and friends….today is NOT an every day occurrence, as you mentioned, twice a year she comes down..oh girl, party like a rock star and love love love♥


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