DAY 20….for the long haul


plan on enriching my life every day.

I’m in this for the long haul.

What about you?

I swam twice in the pool♥ The second time was with my daughter and her love Blaine.

I have bare walls in my house. I can’t believe I’m saying that is enriching but I am…my goodness gracious,I’m in awe of this…lol

Me, the one that was told my decorating style is like Cracker Barrel Restaurant…♥

Now I have bare walls..well♥

Hubby and I went to our daughter Shaneah’s soccer game.

It was enriching, somewhat…lol.  Their team NEEDS lots of work….

I’ve been busy working on selling some of my collectibles today.

That was enriching…

Now I am going to go and rest up and chill…because it will enrich my mind, body and spirit.

Been up since before 5 a.m……I just too excited to go back to sleep because I had so much enriching to do♥

blessings, angela


2 thoughts on “DAY 20….for the long haul

  1. Angela! Nothing on your walls?? I have to see that! I love having nothing to clutter but i love my stuff. How do you do that?
    When we first moved in to this house, I had a few cupboards that were empty and my husband would say, ” you can put “tha in “this cupboard” and i would say no, I like it empty cause it made me feel good. There are no empty cupboards now 6 years later. LOL

    And let me know if you see this comment. I have commented before but I can never see any other comments. Maybe I have something blocked somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Let me know if you got mine..will tag you at on face book to let you know I saw this and read it…ya, it’s quite freaky, I just turned to look at that wall again …lol…will take pictures or do a video for you to see♥


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