DAY 21…..crisis


“If your going through hell, keep going.” Sir Winston Churchill.

If we keep waiting till the storms have calmed down in our lives we are going to be waiting forever….and ever.

I remember as a small child my dad would say..”Monday I start my diet.” He was always trying out new diets. I joined him in some of them and shared some of my own diets I found.

Either way, we would start on Monday.

Today is Monday.

It’s been one of those days where it was bad news after bad news after more bad news.

I was stuck with receiving all this bad news while I was working.

A big load was dumped on me.

I didn’t carry it. Wasn’t for me to carry.

Stressing, worrying, obsessing, trying to figure out was not a healthy course of action to take.

I stayed focused on what was before me and that was providing excellent customer service.

At the end of my shift as I got into the truck I received more ‘bad news’. Our air conditioner isn’t working.

Oh well…..

It’s covered. Will be looked at tomorrow. Doesn’t matter how long it takes to get it going.

We survived last year without an air conditioner until August…

Lot of enrichment has happened today EVEN in the midst of much crisis.

One of the four holes my grand baby Aria has in her heart, has closed on it’s own. ♥

I am so enriched by the prayer coverage that has been placed upon this precious wee one, her parents and my family….to each of you thank you, thank you, thank you♥

Now I’m off to take a nice cool shower and be enriched with refreshment for a peace filled night’s sleep♥

blessings, angela




2 thoughts on “DAY 21…..crisis

    • I was able to shake it off, let it go and give God the praise and glory Carol. It has been very hard but it also has been some amazing teachable I’m learning about disappointments….


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