DAY 22…..disappointment


Have you ever gave any thought on how you deal with disappointment?

I wrote the sentence to this post and walked away…


I have been giving it some thought.

One thing I’ve realized is I have lived trying NOT to be disappointed, but that is just foolish.

Of course I will be disappointed.

That’s part of life.

It’s how I handle disappointment that really matters.

Will I be like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum or put on my big girl panties on and deal with circumstances in a healthier and whole way?

When it has comes to this life style of intermittent fasting, I don’t have any disappointment in choosing this way of eating, or should I say, it choosing me♥

I’ve been so enriched in so many ways.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

blessings, angela




2 thoughts on “DAY 22…..disappointment

  1. As I may have mentioned Angela, we are in the process of building a new house. Disappointment is part of that process, believe me. While we are very pleased with the work that has been completed, we are sad that deadlines haven’t been met as scheduled. Like you, I’ve decided that the bitch and moan reaction does not do anyone any good, and certainly doesn’t get the work done any faster. So I try to keep my mouth shut or find something to praise. It’s hard for me, but practice makes it easier–just like fasting, in that regard.

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