DAY 24…..not perfect


I will never find the ‘perfect’ diet.

The one that will make me lose the weight fast without me having to change a thing.

Is that what I really want though?

Don’t I want to embrace life, to put forth the effort to live with a passion.

A passion for each and every mediocre, monotonous and scheduled day♥

Most of us are not living the life of the rich and famous  but it is still our life.

I may not be perfect at this D.I.E.T. but I am definitely putting forth the effort to enrich each and every day….

What about you? How are you doing?

I know it’s not easy….((hugs))

blessings, angela


2 thoughts on “DAY 24…..not perfect

  1. Happy Canada Day Angela. I’m enriching the month of July by taking more control of what I eat. I’ve been guilty of using my 5 hour eating window to eat too many sweets, so July is low carb month for me. I know better than to say no sugar because there will be parties and celebrations where I will have a bite of something. But low carb I can do every day, and it will speed up my slow (but steady thanks to God and Dr. Bert) weight loss.

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