DAY 26……busy


It’s almost the end of the day and the beginning of the new one.

I’m finally heading over here to share about my D.I.E.T.

Did I enrich today?

I just finished seeing my guests out to their car, who came for a bbq and sit around the fire pit♥

It’s been an enriched day of gardening, selling off my some of my collections, and entertaining…

All from a place of being under construction….

blessings ,angela




7 thoughts on “DAY 26……busy

  1. We’re all under construction aren’t we? Our house build is one sort of construction, but the body/mind/spirit construction begins at birth and hits high gear when we become followers of Christ. Then He begins to construct us in His image. Fast-5 for me is part of that construction, because I’m finally beginning to practice self-control.

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    • the fruit of the Spirit….self-control. This is what appetite correction does…I had no self control. Long gone when I was that small child and my full button was broken…which then led to a life of party like a rock star…thank God for self control and appetite correction♥


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