DAY 27…..courageous


Something I wrote in my AC Toolbook Spirit Edition today:

“allowed the negative suck the energy out of me. I have let….toxic behavior effect me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I’m struggling with how do you live with toxic people around you and not let it contaminate you! Working on this.”

I’ve almost completed two months of sharing this D.I.E.T.

Did I enrich today!~

I’ve become aware of some patterns and habits that are not beneficial for me.

Nothing should hold me back from making the  most of my day and working on being enriched. Just because someone does not want to ‘get with the program’ or because the day is not unfolding ‘perfectly’ are no excuses.

I’ve realized that I  had to give myself permission to be enriched. Permission to let my joy out and embrace life with passion.

Joy is contagious, but so is toxicity.

I’m choosing to enrich myself with joy and letting go of the toxicity.

Elimination Diet

blessings, angela





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