DAY 31 OF ENRICHMENT…full throttle


Many of you know that I work at our local College cafeteria at the Tim Horton’s kiosk, surrounded by delish and glorious yummies!~

I can eat whatever I want there….

Of course I’m usually in the fasting state when I’m working.

Giggling out loud♥

It’s an extremely fast paced environment, ‘full throttle’♥

It definitely is a pretty good work out and has helped relieve inflammation from certain areas of my body because of the activity!~

As I was busy going full throttle today at work I thought about that being my title for my end of the Spirit Edition Toolbook, 31 days of sharing enrichment.

It’s been two months that I have enriched my life, purposely enriching it, each and every day.

I’ve committed to not weighing myself until the end of December.

I’ve also committed to enriching my life for the next 6 months till the end of December and document it here….

If your interested, come follow along♥

blessings, angela






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