I coloured instead.

Dealing with sadness because I’m not able to go see my grand  baby today.

Not going to use food though to deal with the sadness.

Will be heading out soon to watch my youngest child, my daughter play soccer on a losing team…lol

giggling away here….

Like she said..’at least I keep showing up’….♥

I love that.

Sometimes it may feel and look like we are losing but REALLY are we?

Could it be that it is building us up in character of strength, perseverance, and dedication….because we are showing up?

blessings, angela



4 thoughts on “I WANTED TO EAT…

  1. Happy Sunday Angela,
    Isn’t that “wanting to eat” a false friend. Usually the hour or two before opening my window I too want to eat. It’s not true hunger since I could live off accumulated fat for weeks or months if I had to, but the desire/wanting to eat. Whether it’s coloring or something else, as soon as my mind is focused on something other than wanting to eat, presto chango–I no longer want to eat. Before Fast-5, I thought the slightest little stomach twinge meant I’d better eat and fast. Don’t miss those bad old days.

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  2. Sounds about right to me. What we see as disappointment is often a lesson in perseverance. I’m sorry you couldn’t go see your granddaughter today. The day will come that you get to hold her and it will be fabulous!

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