Quiet at the blog that is.

Stand close enough, (or far enough I’ve been told) you would NEVER call me quiet…lol♥

This is one of my favorite pictures because it captures JOY on that beautiful face beside me♥

I’m on vacation until Wednesday.

I was up at 5:14 a.m. this morning.

A minute before my alarm would normally go off♥

My goal  for this vacation is to clear out the basement of my ‘stuff’.

The piles of stuff.

I’m planning on having another yard sale at the end of the month…a multi family one.

In another town..lol♥

Seriously, gotta love this yard sale diva here. I’m determined folks to get rid of my ‘stuff’ and make some money!~

I’m going to have a bake sale also♥

I’ve decided that 90% of the proceeds will be going to Ronald McDonald where Aria’s mommy Samantha has been staying while Aria has been growing and thriving at McMasters Children’s Hospital♥

My D.I.E.T. truly has become a habit I do daily now.

Did I enrich today?  Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

I’m off now this early morning for a power walk.

It’s my vacation and though I have a boat load of work to do, there is always some time to take enrichment to go along with it.

blessings, angela






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