I’ve been wanting to share something from the Flow Edition Toolbook…..

“A truly healthy diet includes stimulation for the mind, activity for the body, engaging social connections, and spiritual nourishment. A healthy diet also includes a steady supply of meaning, challenge, play, variety and novelty. D.r Bert’s D.I.E.T. approach also incorporates financial health, because financial stress makes a big impact on physical and mental health, and financial resources can affect how quickly and completely one recovers from a seriously illness, particularly  in the USA.

The Toolbook is designed to help you enrich your life through the intake of healthy portions in all these areas. ♥” Dr. Bert Herring

I’m LOVING my Toolbook, with my Traveler’s Notebook …I don’t leave home without it♥

If your interested in joining me on this journey of weight release, privately message me.

I’m here to help♥

blessings, angela




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