Let’s be honest with one another….

Most of us have no problem losing weight on diets.

I have seen myself lose 10 lbs and gain 10 pounds back and forth for months.

Like a yo-yo.

I’ve been asking myself the question why AC: The Power of Appetite Correction has changed things for me on how I look at the word ‘diet’.

One thing, most diets promise quick weight loss and guaranteed results within weeks, or even days!~

I still have that vision of me standing by this table where I’m sitting right now typing this out, standing there folding laundry, looking out the bay window.

My heart is broken. I’m disgusted with how I have let myself go to such extreme ill health and crying out to God that it was going to take me forever to lose all this ‘baggage’ that I’ve been carrying around for years.

Within my spirit I received…”Angela, you didn’t gain all this overnight, and your not going to lose if over night. You don’t want fast because it will all come back and more of it. Slow and steady. You will let go of the weight and all that it carries with it.”

This D.I.E.T. I am on is a life style.

Focusing on did I enrich today?

No longer focusing on the diet of failure and let’s try something else.

blessings, angela




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