Tomorrow I start my new Toolbook.

The Spirit Edition.

Just finished with the Flow Edition. I have been alternating between the two♥

At the end of December I will have 8 Toolbooks that will have documentation on how well I did with this D.I.E.T.

Did I enrich today?

I just finished working on my goals for the rest of this year, five years, 10 and a life time♥

I am going to continue sharing here at my blog on how I am enriching my life because I want to have something to give to my precious grand daughter Aria Jean Patricia.

A story for her to read that will inspire her and encourage her and give her the strength to fly as high as she can with her dreams, hopes and aspirations♥

I’m going to be heading out soon to see Samantha and hopefully Aria at the hospital♥

Sure could use as much prayer coverage as I can get…so if you feel led, please pray for me and mine♥

blessings, angela





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