down's syndrome poem

Aria is three months old today!~♥

What JOY!~♥


I’ve been busy washing and folding clothes.

Being a Nana that is covering her son and his little family with love and support♥

Samantha, my daughter in love said to me yesterday, ‘you love doing this don’t you?”

I’ve always  loved washing baby clothes♥

Folding, holding it close to my heart and giving God praise for the blessing that fits into these little clothes.

Today I’ve been also crying as I’ve folded these clothes.

Tears of joy, and also tears of sadness.

When our babies are born, there is joy, there is jubilation and our precious one begins their life with us as a family.

That is for the majority of us.

Than there are those that,sometimes before birth or after,  they know things will be different.

We have joy, we have jubilation over the birth of this child, and we have ‘how do we become a family to meet the needs of this child who has challenges, and obstacles that they must face for the rest of their lives?

We don’t get to take them home within a few days. Some are unable to even hold this precious child. Tests upon tests, procedures upon procedures are done to give this precious child the opportunity to survive.

Each day can be a fight for their very breath. Each and every day they inspire those around them to rise up to the challenge and live a victorious life.

I have not been able to old my precious grand baby yet (maybe today???….♥), I have not been able to take her for a walk in the buggy. My goodness gracious, she had her very first walk in the buggy outside with her Mommy and Daddy yesterday. YAHOOOO♥ What joy♥  She still has hasn’t had a bath, just sponge baths.  I’m prepared though for when that time comes. Spider man hooded towel and bath tub at Nana’s waiting for that day♥

Things are so different. Not what we expected. No easy pregnancy, delivery and homecoming.

My goodness gracious, Aria’s first homecoming was absolutely heart wrenching, fearful and filled with worry. Those 24 hours of her coming home was hell for all three of this little family. The next day, we drove her and her mommy back to McMaster Children’s Hospital where  for 10 hours later in the ER they admitted her back to NICU where Samantha and Aria stayed for three more weeks.

Aria Fierce

Things may be different for us but oh the JOY in having this wee one in our lives.

I’ve already told her that she is the strongest person I’ve ever met in my entire life.

Now I’m off to drop off the clothes and sing Happy Birthday to Aria…♥

blessings, angela









  1. As usual, you probably won’t be able to see this but it’s worth a try. I think I must have something blocked. I am praying for you. It is rough when expectations are messed up. The “crazy crying lady” who walks all over town (me) told the Lord one day that He had better use this pain I was going through for some good reason. (Forgive me, Lord, I was sounding like a threat, huh? You are going through a lot. It’s all a process that the Lord leads us through for His honor and glory. Thinking of you, friend.


    • I don’t think it was a threat, since I know Abba knows I WILL kick up a fuss, throw a temper tantrum and even maybe bite His hand trying to get away and flee and run but He is so gentle and loving, firm and able to keep me safe from even hurting myself when I’m in one of those states…♥ God is so good all the time and all the time our God is good♥


  2. I, too, am praying for you. Can’t help thinking of this C.S. Lewis quote (which I’ve found true in my own 67 year life: “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” May the “shout of God” be recognized and acknowledges by Aria’s entire family ♥. He will carry you.


    • I am in total awe of God’s goodness and mercy that He has covered us all with…Aria Jean Patricia has one amazing story already and she’s only 3 months old…oh the wonders and purpose, and the plans Abba has for her life…hallelujah!~


  3. I am so happy she is home. There is no better family, God has chosen you. I hope you have a wonderful time, There are no words I am praying for you all everyday. Love you and yours.


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