My Crown

As I looked in the mirror today while in the bathroom at the College I saw my reflection and started to giggle.

My hat was on lopsided.

Oh well! Adds character♥

There are some days that I feel that is how it is in the spiritual realm.

The crown of splendor that I am in God’s right hand (for that is what He calls each of us), is a bit lopsided.

The depression, the anxiety, the laziness, the feelings of inadequacy love to scream at me, your not good enough, why do you even bother trying to change to be a better person?  Why, what’s the point?  It won’t make a difference.

On the bus, on the way home I was able to share with two ladies that also work at the College about the negative that we deal with.

“Love believes  the best. It does not deny the existence of the negative but it refuses to be controlled by it. Love believes the best.”

So that being said, I’m going to straighten my crown if I have the time, and if not with my lopsided crown,  I continue to remember Who I belong too , and I’m going to keep on believing the best for me and mine, and for you and yours♥

God is good ALL the time. ALL the time God is good.

blessings, angela








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