Two days before Mother’s Day, my youngest son and my future daughter in love (I’m getting ahead of myself with that part of the story) were at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

After hours of having tests and ultra sounds done on Samantha they were given the worse case scenario of what may happen to their precious daughter Aria Jean Patricia.  Before the birth and after.

As many who have been in the same seat as these two after being given this type of news, they were asked if after Aria’s birth, did they want the medical staff to resuscitate.

I always get chocked up on that part of this story.

I get chocked up because of what Samantha said to me when she told  me this part of the story.

She said, “Asher said, she is our daughter and we will love her no matter what.” She proceeded to tell me that when he said those words, she knew that she could face anything with him by her side.

Our precious Aria Jean Patricia sure does have an amazing story of love♥

That Mother’s Day we gathered around for a BQQ at my parents.  We celebrated.

Our first Mother’s Day as a mom, grandmother and great grand mothers♥

Samantha’s rule was no one was going to talk about that meeting that took place on Friday.

We didn’t.

We didn’t need too♥

The only thing that did come up was Samantha and Asher had decided not to have the test done to find out if Aria would have Down’s Syndrome or not.

Samantha did not want to risk after having this test, it could bring on labor.

“The longer she can make it to term, the better it will be for her. Who cares if she has Down’s Syndrome or not. It’s all the other stuff, the health issues that scars me.”

I let Samantha know that no matter what she was going to face, it was going to be ok.  She was a mighty warrior mama and would do whatever it took. I told her she was already doing that just by all the decisions that they were making for this precious wee one.

I’m so thankful for that Mother’s Day BBQ.

We all needed it.  We have a beautiful story to tell Aria also♥

One filled with love love love♥

blessings, angela







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