My youngest son and his love were told they may not have a chance to hold their precious  Aria when she would be born.

With the Dr.’s and all the medical staff that will be at the delivery, Aria would be whisked away as soon as her birth to have major surgery to deal with the bowel blockage that she was born with, and to deal with the four holes in her heart.

That was hard for my daughter in love. Knowing that she may not be able to hold her precious baby.  Depending on the surgery she had and if my dil would have a c section, she would not be able to see Aria let alone hold her because of her own surgery and the complications it can have with a baby that has just experienced so many procedures. The risk of infection being passed from one to the other is high.

Friday before Mother’s Day, they had an appointment at McMaster Children’s Hospital with all the Dr.’s that would be assisting with the arrival of Aria Jean Patricia’s birth. They had set a date for having her induced a week before her due date which was June 9th, my daughter in law’s birthday, three weeks away.

That night after her shower, my daughter in love’s water broke.

We got the call at 8:30 pm. Randy headed over there to take her and my son to the closest hospital.

Our hospital is not equipped, so she was rushed by ambulance to another hospital 20 minutes away. By that time they checked to see if she was ready to deliver or not and thank God she wasn’t. So they rushed her by ambulance again an hour and a half away to McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Our son texted us to let us know to follow along and meet them at the Hospital.

I packed my Bible, my devotional, a pillow, and some socks…..lol

Didn’t need the socks, but so thankful for that pillow to rest and get some sleep as we waited, and always thankful for God’s Word!~

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 pm.

Our son was able to come out and see us for a few minutes before going back to be with his love while they waited for Aria Jean Patricia’s arrival.

I knew it could be a long haul and wondered how many hours it would be before we heard anything.

At 4:30 a.m. I received a text….


I cried. With joy.

Aria made it and my son was able to hold his beautiful little girl.

They were able to be with their precious one for a good hour before she was taken away.

Her major surgery for the bowel blockage did not come about until two days later, on our wedding anniversary. She came through with flying colour. My daughter in love was able to see her beautiful girl and hold her♥

Aria Fierce

Aria has had a few other procedures, presently she has a g tube  for feedings. With  her heart condition she was exerting so much energy and got so tired with the bottle feedings that she was not gaining like she needed too.

The arrival our precious Aria Jean Patricia definitely has changed our lives.

I still have not held her yet. There hasn’t been a ‘perfect’ time.  When I’ve gone it’s been either she is feeding or sleeping♥ ♥ I don’t care though, because one day will be the perfect day and until than I can still stare at her for hours, and kiss her toes♥

blessings, angela






6 thoughts on “HER ARRIVAL

  1. Thank you for writing this. It is a wonderful journal for Aria. It also helps us to see the path clearly that you and your family have been walking through. Praying for you all and this sweet lovely babe!

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  2. Awww so precious is she in your sight! So precious is she in His sight! Just savour ever moment, every blessing from God! Such Love this wee one is surrounded with! Beautiful precious little one! The Lord KNOWS her name, Aria Jean Patricia!!

    Liked by 1 person

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