I’m learning that I’m ok  in a crisis because I got this.

I can do this.

Many of you that have been following with me on this journey of life has seen much changes going on in my life.

Not just with the weight release, but so many other ‘weights’ that I’ve carried around.

You have heard me talk about working on the KonMari Method and how ‘it’s life changing magic of tidying up’.  I’ve read both of Marie Kondo’s books and have begun to fold my clothes as she suggests. From time to time..lol.

I haven’t started the method but I’m definitely going to start with the clothes as she suggests when I do embark on it.

Someone from https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefast5dietandlifestyle/ suggested that I also read 7 (an experimental mutiny against excess) by Jen Hatmaker.

Since reading it, this has brought me into even more of a crisis.

Making me SO aware of the excess that is around that I don’t need.

I’m so thankful for Appetite Correction and this journey because it has brought me to a place where it’s helping me to let go not just the body weight, but the mind weights, and the spiritual weights I’ve carried around far too long.

It’s made me also see the commercialism and how I’ve fallen into the trap of it.

More, more, more .Bigger, bigger and better.

Is it really though?

I’m thrilled to be a part of http://www.bertherring.com/appetite-correction-for-life/ and being a Appetite Correction Certified Guide.

Correcting for life the ‘weights’ we have upon our lives and being set free from it all♥

To live a whole and healthy life. An enriched life♥

blessings, angela






3 thoughts on “I’M IN A CRISIS

    • My goodness gracious girl, she definitely has put me in a crisis mode…lol. All is well though. Like you, there are some things I don’t agree with her thinking but oh my gosh, I am thankful to have her on my side, on this journey of life. My heart is just crushed over the excess and Abba is definitely disciplining me and I’m accepting now instead of running away.


  1. It’s pouring out buckets right now as I type this out. My oldest is at a golf tournament. Not sure if it is in town or out of town where it may not be raining there? …I’m going to post here first than just copy and paste what I share from my heart on my page at fb. …Samantha and I were talking last night about ‘crisis’. Ironic isn’t it, I just did this post and then later Samantha shares a crisis with me. While at McMaster a wee one had been born with all his insides out of his body, or the bowel parts I believe. Aria shared the same POD as this precious wee one. A ‘nursery’ of 5 wee ones that needed 24 hour care, sometimes, minute by minute it went in those POD’S. He went into crisis. As Sam shared hearing the Dr. say, ‘blood is coming from his mouth’, ‘a decision needs to be made’, ‘ call the mother back and tell her she needs back’. The mother had just left not even an hour before since her precious one was doing ok. The child did survive. I’m in crisis mode right now. Reading this book 7 (and I’m still not finished..oh my goodness,lol) from Jen Hatmaker has done brought me to crisis mode. …whew…..Let’s just say tears, sorrow, peace, joy and an awakening of who I truly am in Christ Jesus….


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