With my Flow Edition Toolbook I carry around my Travelor’s Notebook.

Here is a page taken from it.

Errands. Putting love in what you do makes everything BEAUTIFUL.

As I go about my day, I will focus on enrichment.

Oh how I would love to say my days do ‘flow’ like that,  but they don’t.

It looks more like how to enrich my life in the chaos that I’m dealing with.

I just stopped typing and inhaled the scent from my grandmother’s sweater I’m wearing

DSCF0549 .

I’ve just come back from sitting in the back yard by a fire I built. The scent of smoke is still lingering and I find it enriching to my senses♥

A train is  blowing it’s horn as I type this out and I find that enriching.

Makes me heart smile♥

I sat by the fire with God’s Word, a devotional and my Flow Edition.

Gloriously enriching.

Now to get back and deal with all the chaos that is around.

Sorry, I was interrupted in finishing this blog post with my husband telling me all he needs to do is dust the wood shavings off of him, put black marker on his teeth and he is ready to go shopping. Ya, whatever…

Off to shopping I go….

blessings, angela







  1. I was enriched by reading this. The pleasant things you mentioned while you were meditating on God’s word in the back yard, horns, fire pit, etc. Calming just thinking about them. That is the kind of stuff I focus on to find rest and praise to the Lord. Just like you. Been a weekend I though I was going to see my sweet girly but once again, not gonna happen. Such is the stuff that makes us seek Him ore and more. Sigh. Then you ended on a funny. Well, it might have frustrated you, but he gave me a good laugh. Praying for you dear friend. Life is just such fun sometimes! (sarcasm)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for adding the sarcasm cause I’m like sheldon on the big bang theory, don’t get sarcasm until you point it out …lol♥ ..((hugs)) for not being able to see her. I’ve only held Aria once. That’s it..can I put sarcasm here now? lol. Your right though, I run to seek Him out with this ‘stuff’ that is going on. So many words keep resonating within me like a song, kind and patient, kind and patient. Being crucified and not getting off the cross until Abba takes me down. Some things end. Make room for new birth and growth.


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