I can fly

I also hate anxiety, I hate social phobia,  and I hate panic attacks.

There, I said it.

Those of you that have been following along on this journey of life with me know that I have struggled with agoraphobia.

I was able to kick that butt working at Walmart.

God and His odd sense of humor with me♥

Now I’m kicking  butt at the College cafeteria, where wave upon wave of students and staff come to our kiosk of five ladies slugging coffee♥

I told a few co workers at times it feels like I’m in the ER, and I need to minister a coffee to keep them going♥ Keep them alive♥ lol♥

We are so busy I can’t even begin to tell you. You have to witness it yourself to realize the extent of the  students and staff we serve.

Depression can make me go in slow motion. I have no time to be in slow motion at work, lol♥ Giggling away here.

Anxiety, panic attacks and social phobia is dealt with kindness and patience, plus forgiveness because I don’t always get it right and need to apologize, lol…♥ Also to accept the apology being given towards me.

Being in the fasting state at work also enables me to have mental clarity and able to find sustainable solutions  when I am facing anxiety, a panic attack and the social phobia with all the customers that are right before my eyes..

I’m learning on this journey of life that there are tools that will enable me to live a whole and healthy life style♥

Intermittent fasting is one of those tools that I plan on using for the rest of this journey of life I’m on.

blessings, angela




3 thoughts on “I HATE DEPRESSION

  1. I too suffer from anxiety attacks so much so that I will retreat from the human race. Prior to the last 2 years I would have 3 good months of Contentment but now it only appears every other month. This roller coaster I’m on gets harder each time and now my Insomnia has reared its ugly head. Thanks for posting this timely discussion, Angela

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    • I’m so sorry to hear your going through so much also. Ya, the insomnia has kicked in for me. I’m trying to add exercise to help, keep myself busy and watch my thought patterns also♥ ((hugs)) Blessings Christina, praying for peace of mind and heart over both of us♥


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