A student  sat down with me on my lunch to ask me why was I crying the other day when she saw me?

That question brought tears bubbling out.

“Don’t cry”, she said.

I told that I was dealing with some big struggles and I couldn’t tell her exactly what I would be crying over that day she saw me.

Yesterday’s tears that welled up were not only because of that question but brought forth because I was feeling like a failure.

I know I’m not.

God didn’t say I was.

Circumstances, stress and relationships sure can do a number on my emotions.

This beautiful young Sikh shared from her heart with me about the times she cried a lot about her life and the struggles she is having now but she has learned with God nothing is impossible♥

I told her when she had a chance to go and read the motivational quote that was on the board at Timmie’s…

We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible. Vince Lombardi

I thanked her for caring and sharing her heart with me. Was able to get a hug♥

I realized this early morning this was God’s way of telling me…

“Angela, don’t cry. You don’t need to cry. Your a mighty warrior princess daughter. Battle on precious one. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. With God, nothing is impossible”

So I got my big girl panties on once again.

Of course tonight I will be crying like a baby…but that’s ok. Sometimes the tears need to flow.


blessings, angela









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