At the end of this month I will be weighing in to see how much I have lost.

I have not been on a scale since May.

Some of you may ask how do I know if I lost any weight.

I don’t need a scale to tell me I’ve lost weight.

My clothes are telling me. I am even having people come up to me and say they have noticed the weight loss.

Here is a video I did a few weeks back where I share my heart…

Be blessed…





  1. Loved this video Angela! I am at a point right now where I have had to face the “whys” of why I don’t seem to love myself very much. I have come to realize that the “cravings” I have are not from my stomach but from my heart. my poor beaten down and beaten up heart. I know food can not repair those battered places and yet my mouth keeps on trying to fill it with bread, pasta and yes chocolate! I really want to try fasting and am giving it my all to get my mind in the right place to make it a success this time, so your video was ideal and I look forward to more! You are a great lady and I admire what you have accomplished so much. Love always, your friend Tina xo

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    • Oh my precious sister Tina, how I love you. I’m here for you to help and guide you beautiful one…My hand is reaching out to you, just grab it and we will walk this journey of fasting together…I too have eaten from a place of beaten down and beaten up heart. Using food to repair those battered places and all it did was break me down even more….Through fasting and prayer I have finally found freedom….chains are being broken off, link by link…


      • Thanks so much for the encouraging words Angela! I am at 198 pounds right now and feeling tired and sick with sore bones and joints and blood sugar that is out of control so I really do see this as something I MUST succeed at or the consequences will be dire. Knowing you have done it and continue on with the challenge has definitely given me hope and inspiration! My goal is 65 pounds and this coming year I have made up my mind I will succeed. Thanks so much for being there and posting about it as you go, it is so encouraging…more than you will ever know. Sending my love and prayers for you and your beautiful family. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas. xoxo

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    • Thanks for the link Angela and no I had not heard of this before but have sent a request to join the group and will try to get the book soon. Do you have any suggestions on you started? Did you just fast for a meal or two a day? How about water or other things to drink? I love my coffee (with creamer) but will do what is necessary! One day soon we need to talk on the phone again and maybe you can share any suggestions you have with me. I really am looking forward to the journey I will be on in 2017! Thanks so much Angela for the understanding and support you have put out there for for all of us for so long!
      Love Tina xo

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      • Did you read my weight loss story at ? In the story, it shows my letter I wrote on the first day of Lent in 2008. Fasting two meals a day for 40 days.I had my supper, sacrificed breakfast and lunch. When I did that 40 days, I had cream in my coffee, I had a hot chocolate, I just didn’t eat anything till supper…I now drink my coffee black and have non caloric drinks during my fasting period. Do you have skye? I no longer have long distance, so Skype doesn’t cost anything extra would be so cool if we could connect and I can share more tips with you too. Let me know…


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