I’m trying that is.

To be diligent, determined and dedicated to getting my life organized.

Since December 31st (I didn’t wait till the New Year began), I’ve been focusing on S.O.D.

A life that is simplified, organized and decluttered.

Including Social Media and my time spent.

I’ve set a goal and placed an outline of what it looks like.

Sunday’s I will post encouragement and motivational tags to begin our week on my

Sunday to Saturday each and every day I will be posting at Free Spirit Haven:

I will be journalling every day on-line at Intermittent Fasting Chick Journal

Tuesday’s will be my time here with S.O.D. I will post how I am working a more simple, organized and decluttered life and hope it will bring some inspiration and encouragement to  you on this journey of life.

Friday’s will be FEARLESS FRIDAY!~ A day I continue to commit as well as other warrior princess sisters, daughters of the most high God to pray for one another and for others who know and need the coverage over their lives.

I look forward to this continued journey of being whole and health, where S.O.D. is a must!~

blessings, Angela



  1. I love the pictures of your journals. They are so creative. Mine are almost strictly writing. As for decluttering, I started working on that last summer and am continuing on this year. I just cleared out the big freezer today.

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    • I just love all my journals and I would love to see a room of us all doing it together Stacy, getting our journals set up together. Wouldn’t that be such a fun activity? For my dream Warrior Princess Sisters, Daughters of the most high God retreat…we have to have one of those for an activity!~


  2. I think that would be sooooo much fun. I, too, love your journals.

    I am working on decluttering, too. Trying t let go of those things I don’t need. I said to my husband this week that shopping isn’t as much fun as it used to be. I don’t want to bring anything in because I truely don’t need it. Still tempted but slower on the draw now. Besides, I found that I can shop in my own attic. giggle.


  3. Oh how I need to work on decluttering! Love your journals and you have given me inspiration to start on this journey of simplify and release. God bless you sweet friend.


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